Single Family Residence sold for $499,000.00.

Located at: Cormen Subdivision
10340 SW 7 Terrace
Miami, Florida

Allied Companies is proud to announce the selling of one of our New Luxury Single Family Residences at Cormen Subdivision. Home sales in Miami-Dade County increased in December, contributing to a record year for single family home sales in 2014. Single-family home sales increased to 13,521 in 2014 (4.8 percent), compared to 12,899 in 2013. In December, single-family home sales rose up to 1,250 (9.6 percent)As published by “The Real Deal” on January 2015.

The Miami real estate market again reflected great demand in 2014, said Christopher Zoller, 2015 Residential President of the Miami Association of Realtors, in a statement. More single-family homes were sold in Miami-Dade County than ever in history.


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